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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time to issue an untimatum.

It's becoming more and more obvious that the Professional Political Class - from both parties - aren't listening to "We, the People". It's time to get their attention. Here's my open letter to both parties:

Listen, Jackasses, both Donkeys and Elephants,

It's obvious you only play lip service to our Constitution, and to the people it was created to provide governance of. You're playing the part of King George III and the British Parliament under him. We, the People, didn't like that the first time, and did something about it. Either return, as PARTIES and individuals, to the limits of our Constitution, or we'll be forced to do something about it again.

We don't need to use the force of arms to throw you out. We can use two very powerful tools: our vote, and our pocketbook. You felt the first part of that with the "Tea Party Revolution" over the past two years. So far, the Tea Party has backed the Republican Party, attempting to use it as a vehicle to affect change. It's become obvious, however, that the "movers and shakers" of the Republican Party haven't gotten the message we've been sending. There is nothing keeping us from divorcing the Republican Party and creating our own. There is a large enough grass-roots movement there now to make that work, to provide candidates at every level of government, and to support those candidates in their quest for office. Political parties aren't sacrosanct - just ask the Whigs, if you can find one.

The second power we have is the power of the pocketbook. We can not only withhold funds from your "reelection campaigns", but also from those rich and powerful that support you for personal gains. There are usually alternatives for everything, and the Internet allows us to communicate those alternatives to one another. Just to show you how that works, I've owned a number of General Motors products over the past 55 years, but I will NEVER buy another one. If 50% of the Tea Party members and associates refuse to buy GM, I'm sure their sales will drop - perhaps enough to throw them into bankruptcy again, this time without a government bailout.

We can do that with any company, large or small. For every member of the Tea Party that's active, there are a dozen of us working in the shadows to support them. We're a lot more powerful than you think - if that thought process actually applies to any elected member of Congress.

We're tired of having to hold our nose when we vote for YOUR choice of candidate. We're tired of seeing our wishes and desires for smaller, cheaper government ignored. We're tired of lying, stealing, backstabbing, deal-making, and cronyism that passes as "business as usual" in our government. We're tired of an out-of-control, unrestrained bureaucracy making rules that hit us in the pocketbook, or in our freedoms. We're tired of government at every level ignoring the limits our Constitution places on it. Many of us have fought for that Constitution, and hold it sacred. Obviously, few in Congress do.

Of course, if it does come down to the force of arms, remember that there are 40 million of us, and most of us own guns of some sort. Depending on the Armed Forces of the United States may not be practical, since their commitment and primary duty is to "SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, AND TO BEAR TRUE FAITH AND ALLEGIANCE TO THE SAME". They may not be on your side.

This is your last chance. Either shape up, or find out how the Dodo felt.


Michael A. Weatherford
Old Patriot
MSgt, USAF, Retired
Colorado Springs, CO

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