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Friday, May 21, 2010

"Scientific" Stupidity

My local newspaper, the Colorado Springs Gazette, ran the following headline on Thursday, May 20, 2010: "Scientists: Use of Coal, Oil should be Penalized". I cannot think of a more idiotic approach to "science" in all the past 60 years of my existence. ANY continued actions to "reduce greenhouse gasses to keep temperatures from soaring" is a farce, and an attack upon the lives and freedoms of the American people. THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF OF ANTHROPOGENIC GLOBAL WARMING CAUSED BY A MAN-MADE INCREASE IN CO2. Period.

The American people should know three things about carbon dioxide:

(1) Carbon dioxide is a trace gas, even among "greenhouse" gases. Water vapor provides 95% of ALL greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide accounts for about 4%, while all other "greenhouse gases" constitute approximately 1%. Mankind's total contribution of greenhouse gases, in total, is less than three percent (3%) of all greenhouse gasses.

(2) Carbon dioxide's contribution to the greenhouse effect is logarithmic, meaning that the first 50 parts per million by volume (ppmv) is responsible for half the greenhouse effect, the next 50 ppmv account for the next 25%, and so on, until the increase in temperature from doubling carbon dioxide is too small to measure. The current level of CO2 is high enough to account for 98.5% of all forcing that can be done by CO2.

(3) Carbon dioxide levels have been significantly higher than they are today, even while temperatures were significantly cooler.

The sun, not the burning of fossil fuels, controls temperatures on Earth. There is a growing list of evidence that we are in the early stage of a significant COOLING, rather than the over-hyped "unprecedented warming" the AGW crowd continues to bleat. That ANY "scientist" would put his name to the kind of arrogant stupidity displayed by the members of the National Academy of Sciences in this recent article does not bode well for scientific progress in the United States. Another "Dalton Minimum" would cause far more deaths - from just about every cause - than an increase of 1-2 degrees centigrade.

It's time for the political hype of "Anthropogenic Global Warming" to die a well-deserved death, and the stupidity of backing actions to reduce CO2 emissions be recognized for the farce it is.


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