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Saturday, December 10, 2005

I am Ashamed

I am ashamed that certain people are not only citizens of the United States of America, but hold high office in its government. Most of them have one thing in common: they belong to the Democratic Party. Many hold something else in common as well: they loathe and dispise the United States military. Finally, they also hold one other thing in common, one that cannot be forgiven: they place party above the Nation, and scoring political points above the law and the Constitution. These people include:

  • John Kerry: This man should have been tried for treason sometime during the mid-1970's, and hanged. Instead, he's been the US Senator from Massachusetts for 20 years. He not only lied about what he did in Vietnam, he lied about what every other soldier, sailor, airman and Marine did in Vietnam. He went to Paris and met with members of a foreign delegation, discussing how to achieve the results that foreign nation wanted, while still being a member of the military reserve - an act punishable by the Uniform Code of Military Justice and a number of federal laws. Since then, he's done nothing but try to destroy the US military, and since 2000, the sitting president, solely because that president is a Republican. Neither he nor his party has considered what terrible consequences their action, if successful, would have for this nation and its people. I guess once you've committed treason once, it's much easier to continue doing it.

  • Howard Dean: This man is just plain crazy. Nothing else could ever explain the number of times he's opened his mouth and spewed statements that make the majority of his own political party cringe because they're so off the top. He acts like a manic depressive off his meds. He's not a danger to the Republicans, but he's certain to badly damage his own party, the Democrats.

  • Ted Kennedy: The most polite view one could have of Ted Kennedy is that he's a man stuck in the 1970's. No matter how stupid or wrong he's ever been, he's been protected from the consequences of his own words and deeds, for the sake of his brothers John and Robert. As a result, Ted has done more to destroy their legacies than any other human being. Ted never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. He's against war when it's fought by a Republican, but praises innefective gestures that accomplish nothing as if they were the greatest acts of diplomacy ever undertaken by the United States. He has proven repeatedly that he's a sham of a man, and a sham of a senator. The man is a disgrace both to the government of the United States and the State of Massachusetts, but to anyone who has ever had to pay the consequences for their poor judgment, lapses of forethought, and behavior. Hanging's too good for Ted - he should be deported to Paraguay - broke.

  • Harry Reid: Little known before Tom Daschle's stunning defeat, Harry Reid has done little to make his name shine. He's proven to be almost as much of a handicap for the Democrats as Howard Dean. Harry Reid has grasped every opportunity to oppose the Republicans, even at times when it would have been in his, in the country's, and in his party's best interests to accept and go along with the opposition.

  • Nancy Pelosi: This woman may lead the Democrats in the House, but she lags behind every other person elected to the current congress in political intelligence. She has consistently put her foot into her mouth up to the knee on virtually every subject, but most especially about the War against Terrorism. She is a defeatist snob who hates the military and its integrity. Nancy Pelosi is doing her best to destroy individuals within the Republican Party by inuendo and smear tactics, ranging from Tom DeLay to President Bush. She hates Karl Rove, and would do anything she could to destroy him personally. That does not represent the degree of integrity we demand of sitting Congresscritters.

  • John Murtha: I hadn't heard of John Murtha until he started shouting "bring the troops home" so loudly no one could miss it. Unfortunately for Congressman Murtha, this puts him deeply into the "moonbat" category. I find this surprising, since Cong. Murtha was a Vietnam Vet. Most of the Vietnam Vets I know are dead set against leaving until the job's done in Iraq, and deeply resent the Government's retreat from Vietnam that spelled defeat for that nation.

  • Barbara Boxer: This woman needs to spend a month in Iraq, and not one minute of that inside the so-called "Green Zone". She needs to see what's actually taking place on the ground in Iraq, to meet some of our military face-to-face, and to see the conditions they're living in, before she spews any more nonsense about "American perfidity" and "wanton destruction". I don't quite classify her as a moonbat, but certainly an uninformed, opinionated fraud that desperately needs a hands-on education before she opens her mouth again.

  • Hillary Clinton: The best thing I can say about Hillary is that she's done some of the right things, but for all the wrong reasons. Hillary is a calculating, scheming, underhanded, crooked politician that will do whatever it takes to win, legal or otherwise. This is not the kind of person we need in the White House under any circumstances. It's certainly not the kind of person we need there in time of war, and the War against terrorism will last for dozens, if not hundreds of years - as long as one group of people believe it's their religious duty impose their will upon others.

At the same time that I'm ashamed of these Democrats, I find there are republicans worth castigating, as well, although frequently for other reasons than pure stupidity. John McCain is one. Arlen Spectre is another. Add to that list Lincoln Chaffee, Ted Stevens, and a half-dozen others. These are people whom the Republican Party must purge from their ranks if they want to be taken seriously as a party of ethical and honest people. The people I've named above fail that test.

There are also Democrats worth praising, primarily Joe Lieberman, who is a man of integrity who understands the dangerous divisitive role the Democratic Party is currently playing, and the dangers to the US Constitution and our form of government that divisiveness engenders. He and Zell Miller were the heart of the "good" Democrats. There aren't many others. Those that are left need to get together and form a new party, excluding those that need to be weeded out of the former Democratic Party, but can't be.

Politics is a crazy business. It needs to either be self-clensing, or the people will do what they need to to impose that cleansing. The current political climate has occurred because neither party was willing to do the dirty, hard work of keeping the party within bounds. Much of what is wrong in politics is due to the delusion that political power is "due" one party or another, instead of being earned. The only way political power can be earned is by using it only to the extent necessary to do what's needed, rather than squandering it on anything and everything.

Unless the political parties do some housecleaning, and soon, the people will decide the parties are both so corrupt they can't be saved, and will do what THEY feel necessary to return control to their hands.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old Patriot:

So youre neither a democrat or a
republican and yet here in your very lame websight, which NOBODY APPEARS TO BE READING, YOU THRASH

I have seen absolutely NOTHING you have posted in this site or over in Rantburg, that impresses me that you are someone that I would be "intellectually unable
of keeping up with". That is too damn funny...

Oh, I understand the insults over in Rantburg directed at me totally and like i said before, they dont impress me and I dismiss them because I have a total lack of respect for the people that are saying them. Oh and I am saying that in "polite" terms.

You must be really LONELY over here...Now THATS PATHETIC... LMAO

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a 68 yr. young "newbie" to this web site. Was told of it at the VFW wednesday evening.
I really enjoyed reading your articles, believing it to approach several important topics, and very much appreciated your conclusions. I concur, with your article in every aspect.
I have never read any of the posts of the previous poster, how ever, without having given any rebuttal or facts, he should be regarded as a "none" participant.
Thanks again

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old Patriot.

I am inclined to agree with left angle to the extent that you focused most of your diatribe at Democrats. Your perceptions would perhaps carry a bit more weight if they were more balanced. Your assertion that the two major political parties show little in the way of true leadership and are corrupt is one with which I would not disagree.

Absent in your traditional conservative rant is the current poster boy of corruption,Tom DeLay. You mention him only in the context of trashing Nancy Pelosi. Where is Tom DeLay today and why is he no longer a member of Congress? He has to bear responsibility for that, not Pelosi.

You point out Barbara Boxer as needing to go to Iraq and spend some time on the ground to understand the conditions there. Funny, I do not recall either you or Bush or Rumsfield spending time on the ground outside the Green Zone, yet all of you have no trouble spewing out your opinions without a "hands on education"

Most interesting is your trashing of Murtha. He is a Vietnam combat veteran that has the hands on education that both you and Mr. Bush sorely lack and yet you feel others require before they can have an informed opinion. But even with that experience, you dismiss Murtha out of hand because he does not agree with your assessment of the situation in Iraq.

When you wish to talk about individuals who are a disgrace in the Senate, why did you not focus on your own Sen. Allard. Voted one of the five worst senators, the man has never had an original thought in his political career. He mimicks the point of view of the party elite and has never introduced any meaningful legislation since being elected.

You place way too much hope upon the citizens of this country doing something about the problems in Washington with Congress. If the people were truly interested in good representative government, why is the retention rate of those sent to Washington so high? Why is it that so many voters think that everyone else's representative, except their own, is a crook? Even someone like DeLay, after disclosures were made, was capable of winning his primary. Makes one believe that we are getting the representative government we richly deserve.

8:43 AM  

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