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Friday, November 18, 2005


The current Democratic position expressed by Democratic Congressman John Murtha makes me angry enough to want to break both his hands from his fingertips up to his chin with an axehandle. He is proposing to do the same thing that cost us the victory in Vietnam. He is willing to create another "killing field" similar to Cambodia in the Middle East, and engrave even deeper the belief that the American people can't take a long war. This will not only make us more vulnerable to the threat of guerilla and terrorist warfare, but totally erode what little allied support we currently enjoy. I can have no sympathy, and no agreement, with such misguided, STUPID ideas, and the people that believe them.

It's not like we don't know what would happen if we pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan before the job is done - we've been told by our enemies, and we've seen what happened in the last time American Congressional resolve was lacking. Any intelligent person KNOWS that what this moron is suggesting is a horrible idea.

There is something even more fundamental at stake - the belief that Congress can control the President's methods of waging war that it had previously authorized, including telling the President when to stop. This is not only idiotic, it is unconstitutional, and needs to be terminated immediately. The people pushing this idea are weakening the government of the United States, and setting this nation up for failure. To my eyes, that is treason, and deserves to be answered by a .303 round between the eyes at 30 paces. Marine or not, officer or not, congressman or not, failing to understand the role each portion of government is responsible for under the Constitution, and failing to remain within those limits, deserves a thorough ass-kicking.

Once Congress authorizes war or military action, it is the President that executes that action. He alone is responsible for its success or failure. He alone is the one that sets the objectives, and issues the orders. Congress has two roles - to fund the war, and to "advise the President". They don't grab the wheel of the Ship of State because they differ with the President.

The Democratic Party has hit bottom, and continues to dig. They don't care what harm they cause this nation - or others - as long as they can inflict some minute damage to President Bush. This is not the role of a true "minority party", or even a "political opposition". This is the role of an enemy of the US Constitution and the people it represents. People like Congressman Murtha, like Senators Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, John Kerry, and Barbara Boxer, don't want to win the war on terror - they just want to be in power, to execute their agenda. The American people have rejected that role for the Democrats in five straight elections. So far, the Democrats haven't gotten the message. Maybe the next step is to outlaw the Democratic Party, and hope the next national party will contain some more intelligent people in its leadership.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on!

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If my memory serves me correctly, Gore received more of the popular vote than Bush. The Electoral College is what determined Bush's victory. Against Kerry, he won, but given the total number of people that voted against him or did not vote, it was hardly an overwhelming victory. And let us not look at the Republican leadership for its setting new lows in corruption, violating laws and running amok. The fight against terrorism is required and the war in Afganistan was appropriate. The war in Iraq is the wrong war at the wrong time. Bush was just trying to convince those lacking sufficient courage to accurately assess the situation that he was actually doing something to fight terrorism. Other countries presented a more significant threat and this Administration has been unable to accurately respond to this. The shambles that is Homeland Security is a joke and is clearly unable to proceed with any intelligent plan to increase protection of citizens and resources that are still clearly at risk. With all this and more, you are advocating that somehow the Republican party offers this country it's only and best hope. That is one scary thought.

9:24 AM  

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