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Monday, July 04, 2005

Time to Stop Playing Games

It's the 4th of July, our Independence Day - the day we declared we were big enough to decide for ourselves how we'll govern ourselves. This is a great time to take stock of what's right and what's wrong with our current government. There's a lot wrong. That means it's also time to start working toward correcting those wrongs. Here are my suggestions:

It's time for the Republican Party to stop playing 'nicey-nice' games with the Democrats. It only gives them delusions of grandeur, and make you look weak. It's time for the Republicans to assert the majority the American people gave them last November. There was a reason for that majority - the majority of the people of the United States didn't like the proposals (what few that were actually presented) the Democrats offered for governing the United States.

The American people want a government that first and foremost, guarantees their rights as expressed in the Bill of Rights of our Constitution. That is far more evident as the court's last session did its best to nullify two of those rights: to be secure in our personal property, including our homes and businesses, and to seek a redress of grievences from the Government.

The most important thing the Congress must do is to affirm, loud and clear, that the Constitution is fixed, and the only way to change it is by the processes outlined in it. That means by amendment, not by judicial fiat. The second most important thing Congress needs to do is to define what the term "good behavior" means for the judiciary, and to start removing judges who fail to meet that qualification. Be sure to include "applying the laws, rules, and traditions established in our founding documents, and bearing true faith and allegience to them as written or amended". I would strongly recommend beginning with Ruth Badder Ginsburg, Andrew Kennedy, and John Souter. Follow that by emptying about half the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. There's no reason to try to impeach these judges, just simply say they haven't lived up to the expectations of the American people. Nothing in our Constitution grants judges life tenure - that is merely tradition. It's about time some traditions were overturned and new ones implemented. If necessary, hold a national referrendum on them, but get the useless, the arrogant, and the dictatorial off the bench.

Secondly, if necessary, KILL the filibuster rule. There's nothing sacred about it, and it's time to stand up to the dimmocreeps. Then appoint well-qualified, conservative judges to replace the slackers that are given the boot. Explain to them that their tenure depends upon how they work. Those that actually do what JUDGES are supposed to do will remain. Those that don't will be shown the door after a thorough review. I'd suggest no more than four years' tenure. Explain to them in very simple terms that they are there to apply and interpret the law, not to make it or modify it. Also explain to them that the Constitution is as written, not as how they might think it SHOULD be written. Be very clear about this. We've had enough "judicial tinkering" and encroachment of our rights.

Thirdly, reassert the constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms every human being has, including unrestricted freedom of speech (especially Internet speech), the right to keep and bear arms, to be free of unreasonable search, and the right to worship when, where, and how they choose. If Congress needs some help, I'm sure there are about 100 million Americans that would gladly put in their bit.

Fourth, establish a clear and concise declaration of war against "any and all parties whose goal is to disrupt the government or commerce of the United States, or to bring harm to its citizens, wherever they may be." Be sure to include that any and all means necessary will be used to bring such a war to a reasonable and just conclusion - on OUR terms.

Finally, it's time Congress got ITS house in order. We need for our congressional delegations to begin trimming the federal budget, to begin closing down agencies whose reason for existence no longer exists, and to trim the bloated number of federal bureaucrats. Congress should remove its support for the federal employee's union, and revamp the entire Civil Service program. It's cumbersome, archaic, and inefficient - it's time it changed.

We the people will support these changes. We will not continue to support the status quo. With the Internet, we now have the ability to make our wishes known to Congress directly. We can also form coalitions and consensus within various constituencies far faster and easier than before. The power of the mainstream media to be gatekeepers of news is gone. This is a new era - learn to live in it. It's about time, too, for Congress to establish email addresses and webspace for every congresscritter. There's no excuse for them hiding from the efficient receipt of their constituent's wishes. If they're too dumb to learn to use the Internet, they're too dumb to be in Congress. If it's just a matter of not wanting to be bothered, we'll see that next election they won't have to worry about that any more.

The preamble of our Constitution says "We, the people...". It's about time Congress understood THAT, too. We're the boss, and we're not very happy with our current government. It's far better to change willingly than to have change thrust upon you. Consider that - it can very well happen, and as quickly as Nancy Pelosi makes a fool of herself.


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