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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Warrior Spirit

The Loony Liberal Left is at it again - trying to destroy the US Military. Their latest weapons are Eason Jordan's slanderous accusations that the military is deliberately targeting journalists, and the faint-hearted attacking the fighting words of Marine Corps Lieutenant-General James Mattis. Michelle Malkin has both issues well covered. If any reader needs to know more, check with Powerline, Captain's Quarters, or La Shawn Barber. They've got the story pretty well wrapped up, and I don't need to duplicate their efforts. Rather, what I'd like to do is to try to educate people about something that the military - ALL the military - promotes, encourages, and aids in developing - a Warrior spirit. Basically what that means is, if we go to war, we go to win.

The Air Force has a project called "Project Warrior", where they recommend reading material and behavior that prepares the individual to understand the basics of warfare, the terminology and language of war, and those behaviors that lead to success. It stresses both leadership and team cohesion. It involves a lot of history of the military, and especially the Air Force. In my personal estimate, it does have some major flaws. It doesn't include enough on the development of WHY we fight, and it doesn't discuss enough the history of our nation, the creation of our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the "why" of our wars, from the War of Independence through Gulf War II. Still, it goes a long way toward creating a warrior spirit - a winning spirit that prevails from the highest levels down to the lowest ranks.

The Marines declare that, first, last, and always, every Marine is a Rifleman. This provides the basis for a warrior spirit that pervades the entire Marine Corps. It wouldn't be a bad idea to include similar training for the other services. Everyone in military service should be able to defend themselves, to use weapons effectively, and to know and understand how to operate within, and to lead others, in small-unit tactics. The days of set front lines are over forever. Today, anyone in uniform is "on the front lines", and needs to be able to respond accordingly. Most members of the military, regardless of service branch, are willing. It would be much better that they have the training necessary to operate effectively than to have to learn "on the fly", under hostile fire.

The Warrior Spirit carries over into every aspect of military duty. It means doing everything possible to ensure that the military forces of the United States can accomplish every task assigned to them, from fighting wars to fighting wildfires, from feeding warriors to delivering lifesaving supplies to disaster victims. It means having both the knowledge and training to accomplish the task, the leadership to respond, an innovative spirit to overcome obstacles, and a willingness to do "whatever it takes" to accomplish the mission.

Unfortunately, the US military is almost as much of a mystery to the average American citizen as the snowy wastes of Antarctica, or the jungles of the Amazon River. The kinds of people that attend military open houses are the ones already convinced of the usefulness of - and need for - a strong military. Those whose minds are closed to such ideas aren't willing to explore the possibility that they're wrong.


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