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Monday, January 31, 2005

The Hate-America Crowd, Part II

How can we talk about the Hate-America crowd without mentioning one of the chief sore losers, George Soros? Soros is a leftist billionaire who made his money in currency speculation. There's a growing pile of evidence that he's working very hard to manipulate the US Dollar, keeping it below market value, and attempting to at least put the brakes on the US economy for political purposes. He spent an estimated $25 million trying to ensure the defeat of George Bush in last November's presidential election. Here's a recent article from NEWSMAX on George Soros and his politics:

Soros Missive Attacks Bush Speech

While the goals stated by President Bush in his Inaugural Address were praiseworthy, his words sometimes directly contradict his deeds "in a kind of Orwellian doublespeak," says billionaire leftist George Soros.

Soros remains unable to accept the fact that George Bush was re-elected – despite the millions he spent in an effort to defeat the president.

Writing in an e-mail to his supporters Wednesday, Soros charged that when the President declared war on terror, "he used that war to invade Iraq. When no connection with Al Qaeda could be established and no weapons of mass destruction could be found, he declared that we invaded Iraq to introduce democracy."

We are now, he predicts, "about to convert elections in Iraq into a civil war between a Shi'a-Kurd dominated government and a Sunni insurrection," a charge the administration and Iraqi officials deny.

George Soros will never be able to find anything good in anything George Bush does. Soros is a sore loser, and a proud member in good standing of the "Hate America" club. He can see no good in the destruction of the Taliban and the end of their extremist religious views. He refuses to accept that Osama bin Laden declared war on the United States, and that he wishes to see the United States destroyed. He sees no good in the War against Terror, or in our victory in Iraq. Everything he says about the war on terror is an exaggerated, negative spin against the United States, its allies, its purposes, and its objectives. "Truth" to George Soros is what he believes, regardless of the facts that might contradict him - typical of the "Hate-America" crowd.

Moreover, Soros, a rabid internationalist, insisted that in Iraq and beyond, "when Bush says that 'freedom will prevail,' many interpret him to mean that America will prevail. This has impugned our motives and deprived us of whatever moral authority we once had in intervening in other countries' domestic affairs."

Soros boasts that he has spent billions around the world using "foundations operating on the ground and led by citizens who understand the limits of the possible in their countries.

"To explain what is wrong with the new Bush doctrine, I have to invoke the concept of open society," he wrote, adding that this concept has guided him in his efforts "to foster freedom around the world."

The U.S., "the most successful open society in the world," he wrote, does not "properly understand the first principles of an open society; indeed, its current leadership actively disavows them. The concept of open society is based on the recognition that nobody possesses the ultimate truth, and that to claim otherwise leads to repression. In short, we may be wrong."

Once again, George Soros shows his true colors - if it's not in George Soros' best interest, it's "wrong". Many of his "societies" have worked in countries around the world to manipulate the governments and politics of those countries for George Soros' benefit.

The President, however, refuses to acknowledge the possibility that he is wrong, "and his denial appeals to a significant segment of the American public" – the people who elected him twice, to Soros' dismay.

Apparently Soros likes an open society – until it democratically elects a candidate he doesn't agree with.

Soros says of the recent election that an "equally significant segment is appalled. This has left the US not only deeply divided, but also at loggerheads with much of the rest of the world, which considers our policies high-handed and arbitrary."

Apparently it wasn't an "equally significant segment", since George Bush got 3 MILLION more votes than John Kerry. That's a pretty good segment, and far more than the "1%" the left talks about. Equally damning to the left's argument is that this is the first time ANY president has gotten a majority of the votes cast in a decade. There is indeed a deep divide among the electorate in the United States, but the divide isn't the one George Soros talks about. The divide, and I discuss in another article I'm writing, is between those that live in pre-9/11 America and those that live in the present. George Soros is one of the people that refuse to acknowledge that "9/11 changes everything". To Soros, it changes nothing, and it should NEVER be used to change ANYTHING. Refusing to acknowledge reality is another sterling quality of the "Hate-America" crowd.

A real open society, Soros wrote, would be able to distinguish "between promoting freedom and democracy and promoting American values and interests. If it is freedom and democracy that we want, we can foster it only by strengthening international law and international institutions."

Translated: The President is mistaken in his refusal to turn our foreign policy over to Soros, the elites at the CFR, and the U.N. – which is better equipped to handle our foreign affairs, as it proved by its handling of the scandal-ridden Oil-for-Food program.

The United States is at war, whether George Soros or the rest of the moonbat patrol acknowledges it or not. The war is a truth backed up by the word of the enemy, and by their actions against us. In war, there are only two options: win or surrender. George Soros is in the "surrender" camp, with the rest of the "Hate-America" crowd.

A discussion of the "Hate-America" crowd wouldn't be complete without mentioning the massive master of hate, Michael "It's not wrong if I do it" Moore. Fahrenheit 9/11 was perhaps the most disgusting piece of propaganda poorly disguised as a documentary that's been filmed since the downfall of Hitler's Germany. Now the "Bloated Lord of Bloviation" is turning against his former allies:

Friday, Jan. 28, 2005 5:24 p.m. EST
Michael Moore: Dems Are 'Wimps and Losers'

Disgruntled conspiracy filmmaker Michael Moore blasted the Democratic Party on Thursday, saying its field of candidates for 2008 consists of "a lot of wimps and losers."

"The Democrats are going to have a very hard time winning the next election," he told London's Channel Four. "The Republicans have a number of star players and the Democrats have a lot of wimps and losers."

Only last month Moore was calling Hillary Clinton a Democratic Party star who had a good chance of winning in 2008. But her widely reported move to the center has apparently turned him off.

Moore was particularly irked that so many Democrats, including Clinton, voted to confirm Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice this week.

"It was a disgusting sight and indicative of who the Democrats are," he told Channel Four. "They are lazy and they're cowards and I'm just hoping that the more they continue to act like that the more it will encourage Americans to run against them and put the US back in the hands of the working class, where it belongs."

Which 'working class' is that, Mr. Moore? Are you talking about Bill and Hillary Clinton, who got between them more than $20 Million to write their "memoirs"? Are you talking about George Soros and the other fat cat billionaires that "donated" more than $80 million to "527" groups to defeat George Bush? Are you talking about the dozens of Hollywood millionaire actors and actresses and others in the film industry that belong to the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party? Perhaps, Mr. Moore, you've read so much about your 'genius' that you believe it yourself. Unfortunately for you, the rest of the world contains enough sensible people intelligent enough to see that your words and deeds are just another piece of leftist bovine feces.

Moore said the GOP is much more aggressive. "Bush and the Republicans have no shame and will resort to anything in order to win. The Democrats show up to a gun fight with a butter knife and thus they lose."

The radical movieman said he "prayed nightly" that Bush's "many scandals" would catch up to him and end his second term prematurely.

Asked if he would donate to the anti-war movement his income from "Fahrenheit 911," which reportedly topped $150 million at the box office, Moore pleaded poverty.

"I haven't seen a dime from this movie!" he told Channel Four.

Instead, said Moore, "I will promise you that I will donate as much of my time as I can in the coming months to see that the anti-Bush movement transforms itself into a massive anti-war movement so we can bring these troops home."

Michael Moore said, "Bush and the Republicans have no shame and will resort to anything in order to win." There are many, many instances of voter fraud coming out about the 2004 presidential election. Stefan Sharkansky and the folks at Sound Politics have a ton of information on Democratic Party voter fraud in the Washington State Governor's race. The folks at Power Line, and Ed at Captain's Quarters have similar information of Democratic Party malfeasance in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and East St. Louis, Illinois. Michelle Malkin has posted evidence of Democratic voter fraud in California. The list of charges being brought agains members of ACORN would take half a page to document.

A Google search for "vote fraud" turns up almost 200,000 hits; "voter fraud" turns up another 345,000, and "election fraud" turns up over 370,000. If you read the "vote fraud" page, it's 90% allegations of Republican fraud. If you read the "voter fraud" page, it's 90% allegations of Democratic fraud. The only place where anything like voter fraud took place by a Republican-backed organization was the totally reprehensible behavior of Sproul and Associates I detailed in the article "Voter Fraud: A National Epidemic", below.

I started writing this two days before the Iraqi elections. Now that they've taken place - large turnout in almost all areas of Iraq, only a handful of terror incidents, and a celebratory attitude among the Iraqis that participated - and been at least moderately successful, will Michael Moore admit that he and his attitude were wrong? Don't hold your breath!

End Part II


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