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Monday, October 25, 2004

The World's falling apart!

And it's all George Bush's fault.

At least, that's what the Dummycritters keep screaming at every turn.

The economy lost jobs when mid-town New York City loses the Twin Towers - it's Bush's fault, not the 20 nutcases that hijacked the jets and flew them into the towers. The huge economic loss of that tragedy further deepened a recession that had begun on the previous watch, but hey, it's all Bush's fault. The fact that unemployment is the lowest it's been in 20 years, that there are more people employed than ever before, that the economy has shown five straight quarters of economic growth, mean nothing, because George Bush can't do anything right.

We invaded Afghanistan, and destroyed the Taliban. Unfortunately, a well-heeled, adored figure, Osama bin-Laden, managed to POSSIBLY escape through some of the roughest, ugliest terrain in the world, using local tribesmen for guides, and it's all Bush's fault for not sending more troops, not sealing all the exits (I doubt that any single human being even KNEW all the exits - at least, no one in the West), not bagging the bad guy. Bush "OUTSOURCED" the job of capturing Bin Laden to the Afghanis, who happen to know the terrain a hell of a lot better than the 2000 or so Special Forces we managed to get into the country to try to capture the al Qaida leader. He escaped, and it's all Bush's fault.

It's taken us two years to build a stable government in Afghanistan, to the point where national elections could be held for the first time EVER - it's all Bush's fault it took so long, although it took longer in both Germany and Japan. It's also unfair, because the guy we picked as the interim leader is going to win the election. Just because we picked the best of those available, and helped him develop the skills he needed to run the country, and he did a good job of it, means nothing. He's an American puppet, because George Bush is so stupid.

We didn't build a 'proper' coalition at the United Nations, because Germany, France, Russia, and China, didn't agree with us, and it's all Bush's fault, although all four nations, AND the United Nations, were being heavily bribed by Saddam Hussein through the "Oil for Food" program to keep the US from acting. It doesn't matter that thirty countries joined with us - the Coalition of the Willing - because the United Nations didn't sanction it, it's "illegal".

We didn't find Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, so the war was for nothing, and it's all Bush's fault, although there's the seeds for a democratic government growing in fertile ground, and the majority of the country is not only stable enough to participate, but anxiously looking forward to elections. It won't be "legal", though, because Bush didn't do it "right".

Some 380 tons of high explosives are found to be missing, out of some two MILLION tons that are scattered all over Iraq, and it's all George Bush's fault for not having things in better control. The fact that there are more than a thousand weapons dumps, that you could hide a few hundred trailer-trucks full of explosived under the western Iraqi desert and they'd never be found, or that there's a few thousand trained terrorists running around, supplied by Iraq's neighbors, Syria and Iran, all mean nothing. George Bush is a stumblebum and a failure because he didn't personally keep track of every BB in Iraq.

The lunatic left needs to stop and listen to themselves. They sound like a bunch of spoiled schoolchildren, whining about anything and everything, just because the "other side" is doing it. Success doesn't matter - the wrong side's the one being successful. That is so petty, so spiteful, so childish, that those that partake need a good old-fashioned spanking, with a thick paddle. I hope sensible Americans will administer that spanking come next Tuesday. The Left needs it, because it's all their fault.


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