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Monday, October 18, 2004

Why George Bush will Win

There are hundreds of thousands of words about the current election out there, some saying George Bush will win, some saying John Kerry will win. Most of them would best serve as heating for poor New Englanders - they're nothing but hot air.

There is one reason, and one reason only, why George Bush will win the 2004 Presidential election. George Bush is real, John Kerry is an actor living a dream.

Kerry's acting skills are pretty good, but the three debates constantly exposed him as just an actor. He repeated his lines, often in a monologue. He goes through all the scenes, frequently letter-perfect. But when confronted with something not in the script, he's totally lost.

George Bush, on the other hand, believes what he's saying, understands what he means (even though he may not express himself very well), but ALWAYS "tells it like it is".

George Bush makes mistakes, and admits them. He's not afraid to say "I screwed up". He's also enough of a gentleman that he won't bring up the names of some of his mistakes and embarrass them. We ALL know Paul O'Neill was a disaster at Treasury, especially after 9/11. Bush has made some other real corkers in his appointments to cabinet-level positions. He kept too many of the Clinton team, which was a huge mistake. They've undermined his presidency at every turn, and need to be flushed. Hopefully in the next administration, after the election, he'll correct some of those mistakes. The political consequences of correcting many of them in his first administration were just too high, and he tried to work around those costly, terrible appointments. After the election, he needs to start using Donald Trump's favorite phrase, "You're Fired".

John Kerry, on the other hand, always finds someone else to blame. He didn't fall, someone knocked him down. He's not a lousy sportsman, he's "just being careful for the other guy". He's always right, or he was misquoted, misled, misunderstood.

George Bush also has one additional characteristic that shows that he's the best choice by far - he delegates, and accepts the recommendations of those he delegates to, unless there are compelling reason to suspect the results. John Kerry has been reported to be the ultimate micro-manager. We don't need another micro-manager trying to run a war - Lyndon Johnson's example, and the tremendous cost in US lives as the result of it, should be a reminder what a disaster that is.

There are some serious problems George Bush has so far refused to face. Most of those problems require very controversial decisions. Some may lead to an expansion of our current war in ways the average citizen may find difficult to understand. Hopefully now, with his re-election all but behind him, George Bush will confront those problems. I certainly hope so.

I don't think John Kerry's script can deal with existing problems, much less the ones he doesn't face yet. From what we've seen so far, the script doesn't even include the very real problems facing the United States today.

Who's writing his script anyway, Michael Moore? Maybe John Kerry needs a new scriptwriter - the one he has now is going to cost him this election, and maybe even his cushy senate seat. John Kerry referred once to Ronald Reagan as "a lousy actor turned bad politician". Maybe Kerry's epitaph should be "a lousy politician proven to be a bad actor".


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