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Sunday, October 31, 2004

UNtrustworthy, UNdignified

It's time to tell the administrative staff of the United Nations who's boss, especially Kofi Annan and Mohamed El Baradei. These two "diplomats" should be declared persona non grata in the United States, and the United Nations told that the United States of America will not contribute to the United Nations until both are off the payroll. And we need to stick by it, regardless of the horror expressed by our "allies" and the State Department.

These members of the United Nations are attempting to manipulate the outcome of a national election, primarily for personal reasons. The United States has embarrassed both "gentlemen" with proven charges of incompetence and melfeasance. They no longer belong in the United States, or in the United Nations. The same goes for all the other United Nations "employees" involved in the Iraqi Oil Bribes for Palaces and Weapons scandal.

My wife and I were foster-parents for emotionally disturbed children for four years. We were trained to supplement and support the therapy these children received in our home environment. One of the key lessons we learned was that the only way to envoke a change is to make the consequences of pursuing the old behavior so unpalatable that the person themselves would institute the changes. The United States has failed to do that, both internally and in our international relations. Apparently, the State Department has never learned ANY lesson beyond appeasement.

I believe that if the United States stands firm against the United Nations in this matter, and FORCES the changes that diplomatic integrity demands, there is a slight possibility that the United Nations can be rescued from its current deathbed. Either the United Nations reforms itself, either from internal or external pressue, and becomes far more useful in dealing with such problems as Iran, Darfur, Somalia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Kosovo, and a dozen other spots, or it should be allowed to die a natural death. The United State should withhold all support to the United Nations, whether monetary, in-kind, or through US military or civilian personnel, until those that believe they have the right to meddle in the internal affairs of member-states are gone, or until the United Nations collapses like the house of cards it's beginning more and more to resemble.


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