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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I dispair

The fact that our government works at all is a minor miracle. The fact that some people get help from the government without a two- or three-year fight, that they are able to get something done without a lawyer being involved, is a major miracle.

I'm sure there are dozens, if not hundreds, of veterans out there that deserve a VA disability, but haven't been able to fight through the mountains of paperwork necessary to substantiate their claims. I am sure there are hundreds of people that should be recognized as disabled, based on clinical evidence, but that are turned down for various reasons. I am also positive that, thanks to ambulance-chasing trial lawyers, there are hundreds of doctors afraid to put anything in writing that might get them even near a whiff of a lawsuit, to the detriment of their patients.

I can't be the only one with these problems.

I just got a letter back from Social Security, disapproving my claim for Social Security disability. They have decided that ""you have the capacity to perform the demands of your past work as Software Test Engineer Technician as it is generally performed."

I have a hyperacusis problem. Noise bothers me. It causes my neck muscles to tense up, which triggers both cervical nerve pain (I had a 2-level cervical fusion, and there's a BUNCH of osteoarthritis from C3 through T1, and that pinches nerve roots, especially when the muscles contract), and massive headaches. There are not many jobs quite as noisy as software testing, especially in an open laboratory with some 350 personal computers, all with the casings removed so the test teams can get to the innards as frequently as software testers have to. It's also a job with an enormous stress factor - there's always a deadline, there are always problems, and there are always equipment/software/test failures.

The whole disability thing started with a letter from a physician saying I couldn't continue at the job and expect any relief at all from my symptoms. I loved the job, but it was killing me. The only choice was quit. Now the Social Security Administration tells me I can work there again. In the meantime, my symptoms have gotten worse, not better.

This is our government, and they're here to "help us".

It's a good thing I don't possess a gun (or the money to buy one), or I'd definitely consider going postal.


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