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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Catching up on the news

It's a slow day newswise, but there's a lot of things that have happened in the past week that deserve more attention.

Interim Prime Minister Allawi of Iraq came to the United States to speak at the United Nations and to the US Congress. Both speaches were masterful, well presented, and carried the same theme - democracy is making Iraq a better place, and regime change is generally greatly appreciated by the Iraqi people. That doesn't mean that everything's perfect in Iraq. There's still a lot of unfinished business to be taken care of. High on my list of priorities is Fallujah. I hope, after the January elections, both the government of Iraq and the government of the United States agree to allow that city to disappear. I don't think anything less would have the desired effect on the scum that have made that city the center of their 'resistance'.

John Kerry, Dummycritter supreme, has made his usual comments on the political process taking place in Iraq. If there were ever any doubt that the Botox Boston Beanbrain hasn't a clue about our own government or foreign affairs, his comments about Allawi's visit should erase all doubt. The man is an embarrassment to the entire nation. Of course, personally, as a Vietnam veteran and NOT a baby-killer, I have to admit I've been very, very prejudiced against this moron for a long time. His sending his sister to Australia to try to interfere with that government's elections next month is just one more indication that he does not have the best intentions of the United States at heart, and that he doesn't understand - or wish to understand - our Constitution. I can't see how anyone would expect him to truly adhere to the oath of office he would be required to swear to become president.

Hurricane Jeanne is bearing down on the Bahamas, and may strike the coast of Florida. The state of Florida is getting pounded from every side this year. The people that survive, rebuild, and go on will be stronger for it, but it's difficult to accept such a constant pounding. I remember Audrey as a kid in central Louisiana, and being without electricity for almost two weeks. We survived better than many, but the cleanup took weeks, and things were never exactly the same afterwards. I remember especially an oak tree in my grandmother's yard being uprooted, and another losing several of its huge branches. I loved those old trees, and it hurt to see them so mangled. Several friends of mine live in Florida, and are still ok after Charles, Frances, and Ivan. Hopefully, Jeanne will begin to move northward, and miss Florida, or only strike it a glancing blow, instead of hitting with its full force.

Colorado Springs appears to be the recipient of some of those forces President Bush is bringing back to the United States from Europe and Korea. That's good for the city - troops bring with them money. It's also good for Fort Carson and the troops stationed there, since that will ease the rotation pressure for the unit there as it's deployed to Iraq. Some of the soldiers at Fort Carson are on their second tour already, and many more are preparing to deploy. Maybe the extra troops will finally pull the city out of its mini-recession caused by the computer industry's decline. Colorado Springs has a number of computer-related industries that have been hurt badly by the cutbacks in demand for semiconductor products.


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